Hiking in Palm Springs, California.

The year 2012 truly launched Michelle’s photography hobby by moving to the subarctic of Canada – Yellowknife, NT. Rustic beauty, jack pine trees, blue lakes and rushing water. Nature. Being surrounded by wildlife. The textures of freshly fallen snow on a rickety fence. Dancing northern lights on a dark road. Driving over an an ice road. In the isolated city, it is impossible not to snap the world around her. The North has also provided opportunities for Michelle to become a professional real estate photographer as a well as a food photographer. She has had multiple photos printed in calendars, newsletters and most recently, wall decor for a local business.

Michelle is constantly exploring her creative side! She spent a season creating and selling products such as magnets, key chains, canvas transfers and acrylic paintings at craft shows.

More recently she has been experimenting with pastel drawings which she enjoys immensely and hopes to become more skilled.

For now, Michelle is happy to continue being creative and being artistic. Hopefully someday she can sell some of her photos or at least print a few more for her own walls.

Contact: Michelle@fireweedheart.com